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Lemonade is a Portuguese-based hat brand with a focus on sustainability and quality craftsmanship.
With its distinctive approach to color Lemonade reinvent traditional designs with modern and minimalist styles, seen to be worn by the stylish influencers around the world. Preserving traditional techniques and supporting local communities Lemonade is deeply rooted in art and design with an aesthetic that is as timeless as it is disruptive, taking the hat industry to another level.

The Founder

Designed and projected by Sílvia, a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal, Lemonade is the embodiment of a personal project that brings much more than beautiful products to our community.

Sílvia joined her love for nature and people with the passion for design and arts and together with the collective that helped her create this project, developed a brand based on the values they believe — Freedom, Equality and Sustainability.


Hey Babe, welcome to our collective.

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