About Lemonade

Lemonade is a lifestyle brand with beautiful accessories designed and handcrafted in the north of Portugal.

Inspired by Beyonce’s Lemonade, a feminist visual album and a journey of a woman who sings about love, art, healing, freedom and equality. Values that we strive for and are governed by.

Lemonade rise with the intention of becoming a collective in search of change. We believe that brands have a voice and with it the power to make small changes in the way we live. Everything we do has an impact on our planet. That’s why we seek through our business to encourage social and environmental responsibility. With a focus on integrity and community, we design and produce beautiful handmade products in Portugal, valuing local production and local business .

Our mission is to connect people with each other and with the planet and we believe that all the ingredients are equally important to make the world, a better place. So make this walk beside us as we are going to rise by lifting others.


Our values

All Lemonade felt hats have 3 hand embroidered marks on the brim. These marks represent the pillars and ideals of our brand: Freedom | Equality | Sustainability. We proudly defend and support these causes and believe that we can all have a more active voice in society and thus transform the world into a better place. Be a part of our movement, together we can make a difference.




The Founder

Designed and projected by Sílvia, a graphic designer from Porto, Portugal, Lemonade is the embodiment of a personal project that brings much more than beautiful products to our community.

Sílvia joined her love for nature and people with the passion for design and arts and together with the collective that helped her create this project, developed a brand based on the values they believe — Freedom, Equality and Sustainability.